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Cities play an essential role in our society. It's where we - with ever growing numbers - live, work, recreate and care. At the same time, the city is also the place where major transitions (also visibly) occur. Precisely for that reason, our cities set the agenda for the improvement of the liveability and sustainability of the world we live in. They can kick off, accelerate, and embrace urban innovation of mobility, circularity, energy transition, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization. With our cities growing, the need for innovative solutions to tackle these challenges is on a rise, and more relevant than ever. 

Conference goal
Working on urban challenges requires cooperation on a multi-stakeholder level. This is what we do as an institute, and is also the primary goal of the conference:

"To share and discuss multi-disciplinary insights and inspire each other to take actionable steps towards sustainable urban transformations."

Who will attend?
The conference will bring together over 200 urban innovators ranging from scientists, policymakers, students to industry partners. We will discuss how cities can transform their systems on a metropolitan scale, to become more liveable, resilient, sustainable and offer economic stability. We call this “Reinventing the City" by transforming the system.

This event is hosted by AMS Institute, in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam.

Would you like to stay informed?
To stay informed about the event, please register your interest below - we will keep you updated about the conference and let you know when the registration for the conference opens.

We hope to see you February 16-18, 2022. 

On behalf of, 

AMS Institute, in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam

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