Circular supply chain in Dutch social housing renovation: a review from network, time, lifecycle, and profit and risk sharing dimensions

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Nowadays, circular economy has gained increasing attention in built environment research. The Dutch social housing sector is facing challenges when transforming the existing building stock in a circular approach. It calls for a transformation of traditional supply chains to a circular one. However, circular supply chain in the built environment has not been fully adopted in the social housing renovation. Therefore, this study tries to fill this gap by reviewing the current studies of circular transition within Dutch social housing sector. More specifically, the supply chain for renovation practices in Dutch social housing sector is reviewed from different dimensions. The review process finds that the implementation gaps in the circular supply chain have correlations with network, time, lifecycle, and profit and risk sharing dimensions, which need to be focused upon when designing circular supply chains in the Dutch social housing renovation. Network dimension refers to an efficient and wider network involves all parties through the entire chain, through which elements such as information, materials, money, and ownership can be exchanged efficiently. Time dimension means the necessity for long-term relationships with different parties and making agreements in different timespan. Lifecycle dimension is about expanding the current construction phases by including circular phases (such as demolition of building materials and design with reused materials) and including more actors in the initial and design phases. The last dimension is the degree of profit and risk sharing with a full chain collaboration. The results indicate that further studies can be conducted from these four dimensions to improve the implementation of a circular supply chain.
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