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In the project ‘Circular Wood for the Neighborhood’, the Digital Production Research Group together with housing corporations, building industry and research investigates how to give new life to used wood that is released during home renovations. In the project, the research team use digital design and robotic production to make circular reuse of wood easier and more efficient. The presentation will focus on one of the case studies in the project, in which designers and engineers at the Robot Lab turn waste wood from a renovation project into meaningful items given back to the tenants in the same project. Advanced algorithm based design methods are uses that enable customization and the generation of comparable objects, involving not only rule-sets for overall dimensions, connection between parts and assembly logic. Furthermore, a KPI Framework was developed to assess the environmental, economic and social impact of circular designs. Project partners are the housing corporations Ymere and Rochdale, their co-makers Lenferink and Rutges (who take care of the renovation projects), the municipality of Amsterdam, Platform31, Metabolic, TNO, TU Delft, GP Groot and Ter Steege. The project is co-funded by SiA (program RAAK-Publiek).
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